I'll Die Trying Hi my name is Shaniqwa i weight 240 as of march 2, 2012. i have a set goal to lose as much weight as possible up until june. I created this blog to keep me motivated so that i get up everyday an do what i am supposed to do. My weight loss goal is 175 i may not hit it in june but i know that i will be much healthier than i have ever been.

Who said it didn’t work lol

Saw this on the back of a cobalt last week. This will be me lol

We got our Samsung galaxy s5 today. :)

#tbt member when we got our lips pierced lol :) @morenaloca21

took Bella with me get Tom today she was such a good girl

@ms_fiore89 went to visit ariana today

pouting cause I dropped food on my shirt :(

definitely time for a touch up #turquoisehair #purplehair #bluehair #greenhair #blondehair #brownhair ha!

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