I'll Die Trying Hi my name is Shaniqwa i weight 240 as of march 2, 2012. i have a set goal to lose as much weight as possible up until june. I created this blog to keep me motivated so that i get up everyday an do what i am supposed to do. My weight loss goal is 175 i may not hit it in june but i know that i will be much healthier than i have ever been.

Bahaha I love #lovehaterelationship

As I was walking my friends to there car last night from the bars this porno is on the side walk lmao #porn

Out an cute an none of my friends is out with me what’s with that -_-

Road out to yankton today it got hella out riding home

Nothing like a man in a kilt ;)

My life

Got a bracelet with my order yay :)

Lol oh monica wish u had Instagram to see this even tho imma txt it to u anyways lol. This was so us ha #dateworld

#InstaSize got my shredz today can’t wait to use it #shredz #shredzarmy. Be jelly ;)

Just couldn’t resist @prettysnarl hehe :)

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