I'll Die Trying Hi my name is Shaniqwa i weight 240 as of march 2, 2012. i have a set goal to lose as much weight as possible up until june. I created this blog to keep me motivated so that i get up everyday an do what i am supposed to do. My weight loss goal is 175 i may not hit it in june but i know that i will be much healthier than i have ever been.

Sitting at lunch an see this haha work hard play hard @BPI_Sports #experiencevortex

Actually felt comfortable enough to wear shorts for once :)

She bailed on me :(

My new kicks #checkmyfootwork

My life man like forreal

This reminded me of u @davaith

Betcha can’t guess my favorite color lol.

Used to tell all my bodybuilding friends just don’t get to big. Now I’m over here tryna get big. An got ppl telling me the same thing. Oh the irony! Lol

Bout to try this today stole it from @tinang13 this lady is crazy bout that leg work. Wish me luck haha

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